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Hive Wiring Diagram Ideal Combi

Hot water off NC 2. The blue wire goes to N as it does now The brown wire goes to L as it does now The black wire in A goes to the Hive Com 1 The grey wire in B goes to the Hive heating on 3.

Nest Thermostat Wiring Diagram For Combi Boiler

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Hive wiring diagram ideal combi. 2b Single channel receiver wiring 2b Dual channel receiver wiring N. As you can see it only has 5 wires Earth Live Neutral T1 T2. Also covers volt free contacts and why mains voltage must not be connected.

Combination boilers and connecting thermostats to them including Hive and Nest. I have an Ideal Logic 30 combi boiler and had a honeywell r6660d Receiver and simple wireless thermostat. Using the live neutral and earth I will connect the cable from the boiler power marked with a plug on the boiler diagram in this post to the N L and earth tether on hive.

Also a wire from from terminal 1 on the boiler switched live in to connect to terminal 4 on the HIVE. Heating on NO 3. This is a video of showing how I installed my hive active heating heating control from your mobile Tablet or laptop.

This is the wiring diagram for the Hive receiver that will go next to the For info the blue common and brown Heating ON wires have For a quick installation follow the steps in order We recommend that you install Hive Active Heating in the order shown in the diagram below. Discussion in Plumbing and Central Heating started by VEDDER 3 Sep 2019. Heating off NC 3.

Attached is the wiring diagram for the receiver. Hi here I have a short video explaining how to wire in a hive for a Worcester combi 30iThis is wired in only to work on heatingPLEASE ONLY ATTEMPT THIS IF. In order to install Hive to your existing system you will fall into one of three scenarios.

Scenario 1 you have an existing programmer on the wall that has a compatible backplate Scenario 2 you have an existing wireless control that you would like Hive to replace Scenario 3 you have an integral timer on. 99 direct from Hive the DIY Active Heating Thermostat. And the hive single channel receiver needs 6 E N L 1 2 3.

I will remove the prefitted link wire between the room stattimer terminal and then link the fourth wire in the cable between the connection marked 230VAC return and pin 3 Call for Heat on hive. Heating off NC 2. Hot water on NO 4.

I take no responsibility for anything th. OP Remove the link coloured yellow on the diagram. You may need to run a separate bit of TE for this dont forget to connect up the earth at both ends.

You need a wire from terminal 2 on the boiler 230 out to connect to terminal 1 on the HIVE. Hive 2 Wiring Help with Ideal Independent 30 Combi Boiler.